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In addition to services in the Greater Toronto Area, we also provide international services through Black Wolf Security, a fully licensed security company in the Dominican Republic, to help assist clients who need to travel to the country for work or personal reasons. Our team of professionally-trained security personnel will provide you with 24/7 protection including secure vehicles and the latest security technology to ensure your trip is smooth and successful.

As the largest security provider in the North Shore, we hope to give our clients peace-of-mind whether they are in the country running work-related or personal errands. Our personal security team will ensure your safety and protect you against any violent crimes that might put you at risk.

We also offer property security for your house or property in the Dominican Republic. Our round-the-clock protection services help protect your property against burglaries and robberies. Our highly-trained security guards specialize in the protection of private plots and homes, commercial building sites, warehouses, company grounds and malls, as well as public buildings. 


With our reliable services and many years of experience, we can ensure that you and your property will be protected even while travelling abroad.

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