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Security SYSTEMS

We focus on using the latest state-of-the-art technology to enhance the safety and security of our service, as well as provide guards with the best tools in the industry. Our guard patrol system is designed to be expandable and adaptable to fit your specific location, which works with a simple touch.

Security Training: Services

SSG Nexus takes pride in using the highest-end systems and tools from SilverGuard. For more information on the products we use, feel free to contact us.

SG5 SilverGuard Touch Wand

The SilverGuard Touch Wand is housed in extremely durable stainless steel containing an iButton chip to ensure error-free data collection and transfer.

SG6 Proximity Wand

The SilverGuard RFID Proximity Wand is the only RFID Proximity Stainless Steel Wand in the world today. It can rapidly read an RFID tag in an area.

Touch Checkpoint

The Touch Checkpoints can be used with compatible SilverGuard wands to create various security checkpoints for reporting and management.

Computer Transfer Station

The CTS downloads data collected from SilverGuard wands and allows guards to quickly transfer data to the central system.

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